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Cover Letter

I am a Audio Designer with several years of experience working with audio. I started in radio in 2012, and moved into doing audio for games in college. I’ve since begun to work as an Assistant Audio Editor on the second season of a comedy show on Showtime called Work In Progress. I believe the unique combination of skills from these various fields would make me a great fit as an Audio Designer at thatgamecompany.

I’m proficient in both Pro Tools and Adobe Audition, though I have  completed multiple editing projects in Nuendo during my internship at Noise Floor. I worked in Pro Tools to create sound effects for multiple personal projects and redesigns, and have continued to use it during my position as an Assistant Audio Editor. As for implementation, I have used Wwise with Unreal for two personal projects, and FMOD with Unity for my Train Jam 2019 project. I also have experience using Perforce in tandem with Wwise and Unreal.

Working for thatgamecompany is an incredible opportunity, and it’s one I believe I would make the most of. I first heard of your studio when Journey was released, and ever since playing it I have hoped for an opportunity to work with you. Thank you very much for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.


Crosby Nelson

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