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Dynamic Gunshot Sounds
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This project was my attempt at replicating the effect of hearing gunshot sounds change based on their environment that you often hear in first person shooter games. I was lucky enough to be able to record the mechanical sounds from a small collection of firearms, so all the reloading and mech layer sounds in this project are original. I also wanted to work with convolution reverb and create my own, so the reverb effect heard in the tunnel is an original impulse response recorded in a bike tunnel. The way I set it up was to have each weapon get a switch container in Wwise that gets tripped by a box collider at the entrance to each new area, which in turn plays different layers underneath the main gunshot sound. I went through a first person shooter character pawn tutorial to set up the weapons and controls, and used two demo levels from the Unreal Engine Marketplace for the environment. This project was a lot of fun to work on and I hope you enjoy what you hear!

Dynamic Gun Sound Info: Text
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